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PMA54 Public Media Awards. Presented by NETA.

About the Awards


public media awards logoThe Public Media Awards presented by NETA honor our member's work in the highest caliber programming, education, marketing and engagement. A mosaic of relevant content that reflects both creativity and diversity that paint rich stories of truth and consequence. Piece by piece and member by member, we come together as choreographers of the public good, to spark more imagination and inspiration than we ever could have alone.



Early Bird Registration: July 12 - August 20, 2022 | $60

Regular Registration: August 21 - September 17, 2022 | $80

Eligibility Period: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022


Check out the PMA53 Winners! 


Join us at the annual NETA Conference when we celebrate the finest work in public media and announce the winners during the 54th Annual Public Media Awards Gala on September 18, 2022.

Questions: email or contact Tim Eernisse at 803-978-1597.

$60 per early bird entry. July 12 - August 20, 2022.  

$80 per entry. August 21 - September 17, 2022.  

VISA or MasterCard accepted.

  • No checks or purchase orders 
  • No refunds 
  • Entries can be withdrawn from the competition, but the entry fee will not be refunded

To be eligible you must be a NETA Member*. Entries must have been created, produced, published or broadcast between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

  • Unlimited number of entries for eligible projects
  • Eligible projects may be entered into multiple categories
  • Any number of entries in any category may be submitted
  • *Independent producers may enter into the "Independent Production" categories ONLY

Award applications will open on July 12, 2022.

Finalists will be notified via station General Managers and announced to the public on September 18.

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Too see the judging criteria for the Public Media Awards, please review this document (PDF).

Here's what to include with each of your Public Media Award entries

  1. Category 
  2. Entry Name 
  3. A short narrative about your entry (500 words or less) 
  4. Did you measure reach or impact? 
  5. Share your reach or impact results 
  6. Station name/call letters
  7. Airdate/event date
  8. Team information 
  9. Attachments relevant to your project or measured impact