• NETA 2020 Conference
The NETA Conference is dedicated to providing public media professionals with meaningful and relevant connections to the people and ideas that are at the heart of our mission to educate, engage and entertain. 
Conference attendees can now gain access to the virtual platform by logging in with the email used to register for the conference. The first time you log in, you will need to set up a password and PIN number which will be confirmed through your email.

Virtual Conference Platform


Conference Announcements:

NETA is hosting TWO conferences in 2022! Virtually on January 24-26, 2022, and our first-ever hybrid conference September 18-22, 2022 (in-person & virtual, location TBD). Moving forward to 2023 and beyond, the NETA Conference will be held in the fall.

2021 NETA Conference attendees may access the conference assets on PublicMediaLearns.org.